Welcome to Casagastone. In 2014 we decided to move to Ireland and in 2016 our dream started to come true (of course together with our 3 cats!)
For a long time, we dreamt of living here, in the Emerald isle and it’s been a long winding road, very difficult at times. Buying a house was not the simplest thing in the world but the difficulties we had to endure were worth it.

We live in a small village, Moylough, in the typical irish countryside, a short drive away from Galway. Here, as everywhere else on the island, everything goes on at a slow pace and in avery relaxed manner. Our dream of living in the “emerald isle” was in the air for a while but like I said, it’s been a rollercoaster: first we had to sell our Italian house, then buy one here and move all our belongings and three cats across Europe!
It’s been an incredible adventure and to be honest we thought it was a hard gamble but once things started to happen everything fell into place

The most striking feeling, was when we finally recoverd from finishing our move and we opened our doors just to realise the infinite green world that was awaiting
Gettng close to Nature where one belongs, has been a new emotion especially after years of living in the city and it certainly gifted us of a deep sense of peace.
Walking barefoot in the grass, listening to the different birds singing and inhaling the fresh air are sensational experiences that can capture you in moments.

Being so close to cattle grazing next door, being able to see their bright eyelashes framing such soft eyes and hear them biting the grass with such determination: I didn’t know you could make so much noise eating grass!

Don’t be surprised to see little rabbits running in all directions when you go for a walk: you’re never alone here. Be assured someone is always observing: a fox, a hedgehog or the blackes crows. Maybe even the neighbour’s dog just to keep you company
This is Ireland, a wonderful world to be discovered and shared. This is why we decided to open our B&b to share with others all the magic we breathe here in this uncontaminated nature

A small trip far from the usual tourist spots… of course accompanied by a good beer!